How do I fix this

So Ive been getting the hang of soft washing. But something I noticed on houses I’ve done it looks like there’s water streaks almost like I didn’t wash properly. I took note of this the first couple times and I make sure I wash the siding good, but I still see them. I want to make sure my customeris there something I might be doing wrong?
Nick @ Gate City Pressure Washing G’Boro

Do you have any photos?

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Post a picture. Might be you are getting water behind the siding. You need to stand farther away from the siding.

Ok I’ll try and post some pics

Nick @ Gate City Pressure Washing G’Boro

You maybe shooting to much straight up on the siding when applying the soap solution and rinsing afterwords to cause water to seep out of the weep-holes in the vinyl siding(the little holes in the underside of the siding so it can breath).

Solution to this is What John Doherty is saying.

To much soap, not enough rinse?

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I think that may be it.

Nick @ Gate City Pressure Washing G’Boro

If you are applying a chemical solution, make sure you are applying from bottom to top. If you apply top to bottom you stand a chance of the solution running and becoming inconsistent if it is running onto dry areas. Water in the solution quickly evaporates as it runs, leaving a more concentrate mix. Applying bottom to top ensures that the mix runs into an already saturated area and keeps the solution wet.
Hope this somewhat helped!

Sean Wayne

Yup to the above post. Apply soap top to bottom. Rinse @ an angle & follow the seams on the siding to avoid water getting behind it. Stand far away from the house to the point where the end of your stream is just hitting the house. Get approval from H.O. Collect $ & move on to the next one.

John Devine.

If you apply soap from the top down, the H2O is evaporating as it runs down the surface, leaving a higher than intended for solution running down the walls. It’s very difficult to remove the stains from improper soap application.

Soap from bottom to the top and rinse from the top to the bottom.

Generally speaking, don’t let your soaps dry on the surface