How did you start?


I am curious to know how & why you guys started in this business. What did you do prior to getting in to this and what made you decide you needed a career change?


I wanted to own my own business and get it to a place where I can manage it from home so I can be with my family. I’ve always wanted to start my own business, it was just a question of what. The start-up cost is pretty low and we don’t really have many people in my area doing it so it made sense.


I think there’s an entire thread about this already, but I can’t find it…


Yeah I looked, but couldn’t find anything. Sorry if I’m beating a dead horse, curiosity took over.


I’m a window cleaner and I got tired of customers re-scheduling the window clean because thier power wash guy hadn’t cleaned the house yet. I started doing both services and gained most of my first year customers from other contractors who people were fed up with waiting on.


started with lawns, then added pressure washing to the services, and now trying to start a stand alone pw business


Retired last year at 56…took a year off and realized that I needed something to do a few hours a week…or be bored stiff. My goal for this has always been working an average max of 10hrs per week. I am 3 months in and have averaged 6hrs a week…so, I am almost there. Matter of fact, if it stays right where it is now, I am good with that as it gets me engaged as I would not be otherwise. I had been thinking about what to do even before I retired. I wanted something that I could do on my schedule. This seemed like a possibility and after a lot of research I decided to give it a try. So far, it has been exactly what I was looking for…even though the learning curve has been pretty steep as there is a lot to learn. For now, it seems like a keeper.


I have had a dream of owning my own business. Spent some time in prison, gave my life to JESUS CHRIST, and pursuing my dreams, and wanna provide for my children :slight_smile:


Workfor a trucking company and couldn’t believe how much they were spending on washes, and how much time they sat in line etc. Started small and washing a couple here and there with the bosses little pressure washer and brushes and buckets… Figured I could do better with my own equipment


THats awesome, man! Thanks for sharing!!!


I was looking to make some extra money. I watched several videos on pressure washing, soft washing, and other house washing techniques. I literally knew everything I needed to know in 6 months then bought my pressure washer lol never even touched a wand during that time. Once I realized I could make my own business and work for myself…I was gone! Lol

Brent Davis


@cobrettie I haven’t yet in the process


Rent one of you can’t afford to buy one just yet. Try it out. But a new machine will feel like a Cadillac compared to a borrowed one.

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Oh I’m gonna get the caddy. Even if I have to wait to get sc and accessories


Think my first unit will be a hot 8gpm