How bout this trailer?

What does everybody think of the Hydrotek trailer setup here:

I think I’m settled on the actual hot pressure washer, but what about the rest this rig? Is the recovery unit do or die? We do lotsa annual flatwork, brick, and siding washes. We do no fleet washing, and, at this point, no big box/mall type stuff. I’m back and forth between something like this, or a skid unit.

Opinions? I know you’ve got em…

The 200 gallon water storage capacity won’t keep you going without a water source for long. At 8gpm, you’d get 25 minutes.

Any experience with the workmanship on these trailers?

The Hydro Tek trailers are very nice. Heavy gauge steel, torsion axles, powder coat…Hydro Tek builds sturdy, durable equipment, the trailers are no exception.

The recovery/recycle units work well. They will pick up the water and filter it for reuse, and need no external power…they’re designed to hook straight to the SC and SCU series skids.

Does the hitch extension bar swing away, or can it be taken off for long term storage?

The through bolts can be removed and the tow bar can be slid back in to the body of the trailer.

The jack would have to come off too.