How are you managing your "To Do" list?

With the advent of smart phones and apps, what are you guys using for your go to to do app? Wunderlist? Evernote? I think I have narrowed my selection down to those two so far but would love to hear what you guys are using.

I’m still looking for a good one.

I think I’m narrowing it down to Wunderlist to try. Syncs with iPhone, iPad, and my PC

I guess I’m still in caveman phase… I use my notepad on the I phone/ pad and. Just basically update it every morning

Me too. I keep it on my homepage so I see it easily. KISS is my motto.

As you know Jeremy I use Things

For a straight up to do list… I think youll get more out of Wunderlist than Evernote…

Lol I was doing the same thing! But I am trying to get more organized and streamlined and get it to where I can eventually share stuff with my employees and transitioning into a office staff eventually, so we all need to work together