House wash question

Washed my sister in laws house yesterday for free to get work in her subdivision… got a few jobs off it already but noticed something. Even though the vinyl was dirty it still had a shine to it. After washing it it came out gleaming white but the shine was gone. I downstreamed my normal 12% with elemonader… anyone ever have this happen to them before or am i just seeing this for the first time?

Thats because the water dried… Ever pressure wash a deck after your done it looks amazing but as the wood dries the color fades.

Why was it shiny before the wash though… not sure if im making since with my first post. I understand that water will make a shimmer affect. Just don’t understand why something would be shiny before the detergents and dull after washing

Oxidation? How much pressure did u use?

Just the soap tip and second story nozzle. The vinyl was not oxidized before or after the cleaning it just look like the protective coating had been stripped because there was no more shine to the siding… extremely clean but a “flat” look after… never had SH do that before and wondered if anyone has seen that before.

Figure out the issue at all or what caused it?

Only thing i could figure out is that the surface is was already oxidized. The mildew was covering it up and by washing it only glorified the chalking affect. Can mold or mildew actually breakdown vinyl in a slow process or is it more of a sun and weather thing?