House vines

Are there any tricks to keeping the vines on a house alive during a housewash? homeowner said she may want to trim them but even if so I’m sure they’ll get more direct contact with the SH than any ground plant would get. hmmmm?

This is a very good question. I usually wet the vines really good and try to stay off of the vines. Some other guys may have some better suggestions

Wet them well and rinse immediately afterward.

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yea I figured the best I could do is really soak them down , it just figures they are spread across the dirtiest section of the house. Thanks for the input!

Set proper expectations beforehand.

oh yea definitely will set the expectations. just trying to figure out what exactly they are myself lol. I will be doing the roof on this one too and its a fairly tall pitch,so there’s gonna be more than a little bleach exposure.

Thad. How do you go about setting proper expectations for fragile plants that could be affected by bleach. The idea of having killed some of my customers beloved exotic plants has been keeping me up at night lately.

If killing the vines worry you, we just shut the soap off around attached vines and clean the best we can, of course we explain to the customer in advance that we can either leave that area alone or attempt to clean it the best we can. Leave it up to the customer to decide.

Keep them wet the whole time. Rinse when done.

Keep the customer in the loop. You can’t do the job with chemicals and expect no casualties. You can’t not use chemicals and do an excellent job. There needs to be an understanding on the customers part of what the real world limitations of the work includes. You need to insure they understand what they are giving up and what they are willing to accept or yes, you will be having sleepless nights.