House mix with 20% injector


Im new to the business. I just bought a 5.5gpm machine and it has a 20% hi draw injector rated at 5-8gpm. How should I dilute my 10% or 12.5% SH or should I not dilute it.


You need to test what it actually pulls. I highly doubt it pulls 5 to 1.

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I also doubt that rate. I use my “hi draw” with straight sh

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You might have some trouble pulling bleach with 200+ ft of hose. I would go down to a 3-5 injector, or maybe even a 2-4.

When I was using the gp hi draw, I had good success with around 7 gal SH & 3 gal water.

Now I’m using the stainless/kynar with either the gray or purple proportioning tip and straight SH.


Whats the best way to test it?


Fill a gallon jug with water, and drop your soap line in it. Time how long it takes to empty. Do the math from there.

Or measure how much is pulled in 1 minute.