Hot water questions / build

I am looking into getting into flat work / gum popping since my demand for it / hot water is rising.

Could someone recommenced a quality low profile preferably hot water box that would run at 4-8gpm. Price is not really an issue here, but please be reasonable considering I have to buy hoses.

As a side note, I am building out a stake truck and want to run 16gpm hot. Is it a good idea to simease them after the heaters? What is a good solution to this. I need to run a 48 or bigger inch surface cleaner.

Also I need a reclaim setup thats affordable

After your last experience with Siamese kits I’d say you need to lay off. Would hate to see you come on here explaining how you blew half of your face off.


Good point lol. I forgot all about that one. So is it possible to get a good setup running 16gpm at 3500psi for under 10k? there actually on here @EnviroSpec.

I am looking, but all I am seeing is 9.6 and maybe 10 around 3000psi. I really would love to push more water to stay competitive and maximize productivity. I have the ability to get some big projects and keep turning them down :frowning:

I have no clue but I’m leaning towards no. Two 8gpm hot water machines will probably run you around $12-14k depending on brand and vendor. Then you need to connect them. That shouldn’t be crazy expensive but still an expense. Hoses, wands, reels that are rated for that flow and pressure are going to be pricey. I’d guess $15k easily.

I can afford that as it’s within the budget. The reclaim is what throws me off but I can get by without it on a couple jobs that dont require it.

I am assuming I am not gonna be able to get what I need unless it’s custom ordered and built which is going to be out of my budget lol.

Can someone suggest a good 8gpm box though? I need one of those right now.

Call mark at pressure works in Stafford Va tell him I told you to call he will take care of you.

Trying to send you a picture, but someone thought it be a good idea to put a BIG RED circle button to take you to the WW sight,over top of where you push the pic button.
Envirospec. Go into the largo section. Then find hot boxes. Up to 12 gpm. @anon29736956