Hot water machine

this might be a stupid questoin but i wanted to know if you always have to run hot water on a hot water machine or can you use like a cold water if the burners not on just wondering

The power washer will always be cold water unless you flick on burner hot water switch.

you da man thanks looks like im gonna be spending some dough

What’s a good skid to look at hot water

I love my shark!

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Hydrotek from Southside Equipment, Shark or Largo from I also like Bob at Pressure Tek, but he only sells Pressure Pro, which I wouldn’t recommend if you want hot water.

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is this a dual operated

Not duel operated. But it like most will run hot or cold. Most won’t recommend a two gun setup. It’s better to have two separate machines, if one goes down you still have the other to back you up till it gets repaired.

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Dual operated is a gimmick that will cost you extra, but you will most likely never use. You can work faster with one guy using 8 GPM than you can with two guys using 4 GPM.

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We never put 2 guys on one machine, but plenty of times we put 2 machines with one guy. There is nothing like rinsing with 2-8’s joined together when a job calls for a lot of rinsing at high volume.

I would love the chance to use 16 GPM! Or a turbo twister. Or a swabby. You have all the cool stuff, John. I’d be having a blast. Of course, I have fun with what I have. Because I love my job.

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