Hot Water Benefit - Extended Season?


Hi guys,
New guy here, so I’ve been staying behind the scenes and researching a ton – fantastic info. I wasn’t planning to post this early into my research, but I am meeting with a guy on Monday (1/15/18) who is retiring from the business and selling his equipment. I won’t be buying at this time, but I would like a little more insight from you guys before I went to check out his equipment.

I did perform a thorough search for the answer before posting. I came across just one mention of an extended season, but that was back in 2012 and I don’t even know if it is an accurate statement.

After researching here, I had decided I was going to start with an 8gpm cold water machine – starting out in residential. However, while I was talking with the guy on the phone, he brought up the fact that a hot water machine is beneficial to even residential work because it will extend your season - I am located in the northeast. He said that realistically, the season doesn’t start until about mid April for us with a cold water machine – temps consistently about 60+ degrees. But, with a hot water machine, he could start his season more like mid March – temps consistently around 50 degrees. (And, same reasoning can apply at the end of the season as well – about a month longer with HW.) With a hot water machine, you can run it warm (doesn’t have to be HOT) so it makes the SH more effective. This is beneficial because it reduces the amount of chemical used, reduces the dwell time for the chemical to work, reduces the amount of time spent on one job – which increases the number of jobs you could perform in a day, which increases revenues.

So, I have a couple questions/thoughts:

  1. Is this even an accurate statement – a HW PW extends your season? Because, if it’s not, I can pretty much just stop right here.
  2. Should I consider his HW set-up? I don’t know the specifics about the set-up (it’s on a 4x8 trailer and I think he said 5.5gpm HW PW). Like I said, I’m not buying now, just checking out what’s available – more research. Obviously, ALL equipment would have to be in relatively good shape, be well priced, etc.
  3. I do plan to eventually get into small scale commercial – although I would not be pushing it from the start.
  4. 4 extra jobs in the beginning of the season and 4 extra jobs at the end of the season (1/week) should pay off the additional cost of a HW machine.

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. I know some of you guys aren’t even affected by seasons, but I hope you still throw in your 2cents regarding the thought process throughout the post.

I’m going to return to my hiding spot now (continued research). Thanks again.


I couldn’t comment on extending the season as I’m in Texas and it hardly gets cold enough for me to not work for extended periods of time, but I will say from experience I did not start with a heater and that was my biggest regret. There were so many jobs I could have done better or faster, and jobs I had to turn down because I didnt have heat. I had an apartment conplex I was called to bid on that was a 25,000 contract I lost because I didnt have heat. I was going to buy a hot box if I won the contract but They called me to do a test breezeway before I had the heat and I couldn’t remove the gum and oil stains effectively so they hired someone else. I learned my lesson the hard way, so I’ll always advise to pony up the little extra cash up front. Its definitely one of those things that youll say “shit, this would be a lot easier with heat” and be kicking yourself in the butt. Just do it.


I am one of those that use hot water on all my jobs.
Does hot water extend the season…no.


If your doing residential you don’t need heat. It helps with residential driveways but it can be done without it. You don’t need heat for siding and it can be done just as fast without it. If you plan on getting into commercial than I would definitely consider getting a hot water machine now if it is a good deal. If your just starting out keep it simple.


You could have rented a hot water machine for a day. Would have cost you 150-350 depending on where you rent. If you have a sunbelt near you they have hot machines.



  1. I’ve never heard that from any of my customers all over the world. It the difference between residential work vs. commercial, usually… and budget.

  2. 4 x 8 Trailer is TINY for hot water. Should consider a tandem axle trailer if you are thinking about 5.5 gpm. You will need a tank to carry your own water.

  3. You will want to check the condition of the hot water coil. We can tell you how to do that if you wish. An informed buyer is a happy buyer!

I’m confused on the warm water making SH more effective? Think about hot tub water. What is that temperature cut-off number?