Hot box damaged

I bought a pressure pro hot box 6 weeks ago from the pressure washer store in Nashville Tennessee they said it would be in 3 weeks it took 6 weeks to get it in and it was damaged in delivery should I get money back or just wait for repairs or what

What was damage?

The power cord I was told

K was told during delivery it was dragging on the ground

More Pressure Pro’s seem to get damaged in transit than any other manufacturer. They just don’t seem to know how to pack them up correctly for the rough freight handling they receive.

If it’s only the cord that is damaged, I would just fix it myself.

But I would be concerned that something else less obvious has been damaged internally.

Just curious, was it shipped through Estes?


Why don’t you just see if the shipper will pay for the repair take it to local shop and get it fixed send them the bill

I’m not sure who it was shipped by. but thats good information knowing they get damaged alot. I just got off the phone with Pressure Pro and they said last week the cord would be shipped out and today they said cord is still at warehouse on the table. I may pick it up Wednesday and handle it myself like you said