Hose Reels

Hands Down whats the best Roofing Hose reel you use or still have…

We use Titan, but we bypass them. They are just for storage.

Why do you bypass if you don’t mind me asking?

So the SH doesn’t eat up the swivel

I think mine is a Titan too. After a roof wash I run alot of water through it.

It will eat the manifold too.

can someone post a pic of how they bypass? i did it last year with my pallet set up, but it was super ghetto.

i bungeed the last 6 ft of chem hose to my reel so it would spin with the reel as i took the hose off, then just plug it in… but that seemed janky

Titans here. No problem with manifolds. Titan makes SS manifolds, I think they’re about $130. Just got 2 of them for our electric hose reels.

Well you could always treat your reels with some F9 once they get bad… just a thought

I was meaning the swivel/manifold/the whole reel assembly. I had a Titan and about once a year I had to replace the swivel. Just part of doing business. The swivels alone are about $60