Hose reels

I have been using reel craft hose reels and I have been having trouble out of them lately. I have been thinking about switching all my reels to Titan reels. I have a Titan now that I use for my roof cleaning and have had zero trouble out of it. What do you guys think about Titan reels? Whats your favorite hose reels and why?

I like Hannay reels! Arrr!!

I don’t have any issues with my cox other than paint peeling off. Of course, my Titan on the roof set up is kicking butt. Just haven’t needed to buy anything recently. Might go with Titan next go around.

I use a Titan for my 5/8" Kuri Tec hose.
It has held up great.

We used the cox with the 1/2 hp reels. Motors are great.

We lately found the hose crushing the inner drum of the reel. We do not use the hose when rolled up. Only after the entire 200 ft is unrolled. We use 1/2 inch R2 hose. It takes the entire 1/2 hp to roll up that hose.

Anybody know why these drums are collapsing?

Are you using them in the HOT mode rolled up? If so then its the expansion and contraction…Even when cold you can see your hoses jump when you pull the trigger, now picture that coiled up. There is a lot of strain and force on that inner drum… Its really a good idea to real out your hoses especially if you have given them a tight rap after your last job. When in operation mode we reel the entire length out and just take back in a foot or so to relieve the stress on the direct connection to the reel.
Hopes this helps

Hanney Reels for the washers. Then Cox reels for the water hoses.

As we always run extreme hot water in excess of 310 degrees, we need to un roll the 1/2 inch R2 hose out completely otherwise it will melt onto the reel and itself. The hose we use is a very high quality hose. we need this hose because of the temps and PSI we run to clean a Parking Garage. Very few hoses are rated to handle that heat and the high pressure.

Our Roll up procedures…

We always cool down our Boilers water output to 90-100 degrees. This takes about 4 minutes to accomplish after running those boilers all day.

We first run the surface cleaners till the temp hits 150 degrees at the reels, then we discounted the surface cleaners and run both pumps as an open hose system, meaning no back pressure over 100 psi. When we hit the 150 degree mark on both reels, we then dial down the Diesel speed to run at 1,100 rpms (Unloaded) for 1-2 minutes longer. This is so that the diesel has a chance to exhaust the possible un burnt fuel as well. And before someone asks, Yes we do have a 2.3 times the rated cooling radiator and 2 times the CFM fan that is recommended by Kubota.

Then we shut off the equipment and let it cool down even more for about 40 minutes. At this time, we then have the electric reels roll up the hose.

We brought this to the attention of Cox. and in working with a Cox Rep, they made a reel that has a stronger hose reel center and sides. They cost a bit more, but with the 1/2 HP non explosive motor, I think it will be worth it. These reels are not advertised yet and few people know about them.

I am lucky to be one of the first to try them out. We will install them on our newest rig being built. This rig has taken two years to design and build, but we are almost there and will post the photos later this year.

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts. Again, thank you !

I am sorry, this temp rating is in correct. We wait for the unit to reach 90 degrees before we start the second cool down procedure.

Sorry for the mis quote.