Hose reel hookups

Are most of you guys running your supply through your hose reel? Or just reeling with it.
Ordered 175’ of flexzilla 3/4 I remembered the titan swivel, fittings are 1/2. Worth bypassing or no?

Bypass it

Since you use the hose just for storage, do you unroll the whole hose and connect the hose to the injector? Or do you have a whip off the injector and hook up to that?

I run mine through the reel with zero problems, but I’m running one machine off of the tank I travel with full. I have another one arriving today and once it gets plumbed I have a feeling I’ll need to bypass the reel. Running 5/8” supply

He is asking about supply line, not pressure line

Bypass will always give you more flow.
Reels with 1” manifolds or electric reels that allow you to put a swivel on both end will be close to open flow .

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I understand. I was just wondering about the pressure side, i thought i read that you bypass that as well. Just wondering how you had it set up.

I run it through the reel but my supply reel is all 3/4". It’s made for supply hoses.

I’ve always ran it through my reel in my trailers, however i built a modded out truck this past off season and took @Innocentbystander’s advice (he’s mentioned it in a couple threads) and just used the reel to hold the hose.

Bought a cheap hose reel knowing i wasn’t going to plumb the supply hose through it which allowed me to buy a more expensive/better quality reel for my pressure hose.

10/10 recommend.

Double feed your tank, ad filters before and after.
Thats what i do

Thanks, bypass it is. Going to Single feed for now.
I’m guessing you would have to use 2 float valves for double feed or are you plumbing it into the 1 inch Hudson?

My pressure hose stays in the reel. Jumper to injector, to swivel to reel.


Cant picture it


Got it…tyvm

I, as you probably know, dont run chems on my reels.
The injector is after.

I got to much work to do to not run thru the reel. They’re only $250 and last about 10 years with bleach running thru them. But, gotta do what makes you happy

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Thanks for posting, i really appreciate it.

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No reason not to. The time you will save will buy you a new reel in a week.