Hose real placement?

My first time posting, usually find everything I need by using the search box. Thanks to all of you that generously take time to help the rest of us.

I made a little bit of money last year and have reinvested it for this year. I just bought a 12 foot v-nose enclosed trailer and my new 4 gpm machine is in the process of being shipped from Russ (great people to work with).

Thinking about the different ways to set it up, I go back and forth for the placement of my reals. For those of you that use enclosed set ups, what do you like or dislike between placing the reals at the rear of the trailer vs. having the hoses come out the side door? I will be mainly working subdivisions.

I have a box truck, it only has the back door. The one problem I have with it is when I back up to a house I almost never have enough room to just take the hose straight out. I end up having to pull the hose sideways from the truck and then the hose rubs against the ends of the box truck. I plan on getting some rollers and mounting them on the side to fix the problem. Other than that I like it our the back.


The voice is @Racer, and he is certainly one to emulate as you build your trailer.


Thanks for your input guys! I have thought about crafting a slide out from the rear with a swivel so I can turn it different directions.

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I’ve sketched out a couple different ideas for this as well. My only fear is that heavy duty slides and 1000lb “lazy Susan’s” are all exposed to water and SH.

I’m afraid I’d wake up one day after a leak and the huge rack I spent a bunch of money and time on would be fused in place. Lol

Btw I like my reels on the sides. On the back is way less functional than the sides in my opinion.

For some reason I haven’t been able to get on this site but I’m back now. @squidskc, good point about the corrosion. I think I will mount them to come out the side door for now. Maybe toy around with fabricating some sort of swing arm mounted on the side (in my down time of course…lol).