Hose in reel vs hose off reel


I’m looking for a general consensus of who uses the hose while still on reel vs unreeling all hose each time. I keep blowing hoses while they are on reel. Seems like a real pain if I would need to start completely unreeling hose when I only need 30’ or so. Any tips or tricks to prevent this?

The hoses that blew we’re older single wire. I have some 100’ lengths of 6,000/2 wire on the way. I would like these hoses to last longer then my other hose has.


I’ve never had a problem with it on the reel


Same here never had an issue.
What hose are you using ?


Hose is your issue…

Only time they blow is when the rubber coating is cut from bending/rubbing…and the wire is exposed and gets rusty.


Suttner 1 wire from PT.

I was reading thru some old threads and someone was saying that they unreel all hose because eventually it will blow. I have no idea where the thread is, but it was a few people in agreement. I have some new hose that should be arriving any minute now. It’s heavy but the first section is still going on strong.


I have seen video attesting to unreeling all the way if your using heat, bloing sue ti expansion. Nothing about cold water tho. I suppose if the walls of the hose dont have even pressure, fluid will find the weakest section.


Find a local hose shop. I let a new hose lean on an exhaust for an hour and it eventually blew.

Took it to my local hose shop and for $15 they cut it, crimped on a swivel. 4 months going strong


I need to do this. I have 4 50’ sections laying around that could be repaired.


My dad started pressure washing in early 90s and stopped in 2009. He told me he never used hose reels because it reduce hose life. He mainly did big subdivisions and buildings and work work all day with his crew. He had 4 foot high 2 1/2 foot wide custom baskets on all his “boom trucks” that he coiled the hoses in. I personally find hose reels and nice luxury sadly i have none yet.


I think the time you’d save by not handspooling your hose will pay for whatever reduced lifespan it may cause.


Agreed hes a stubborn man. Like i said hose reels are a great luxury lol


Seems like a flow unloader should negate most of the concerns with premature hose wear.


I started reeling the up with some slack on the main connector. I think this will help.

I also don’t anticipate any problems with this heavy 2 wire 6k hose. It’s like a tank compared to my old suttner hose.