Hose for Roof Cleaning

As i read, i confuse myself more. I was out and about today and Northern Tool had a Sale on the 3/8 Rubber hose (red) 50ft for 19.00 i thought it was good but as a read before i need to get bigger like 1/2. Well as i read other site forum people suggest the neverkink 3/4. Isnt that a Garden hose? can you use a Garden hose for chemicals?

Yeah, 3/8 is too small. You’ll want at the minimum 1/2, but 5/8 is better. 3/4 is probably overkill for most.

I use the Goodyear 5/8 hose from home depot. Cut the brass ends off and use low profile plastic splicers to connect pieces.

Thanks Micah, but is a 5/8 neverkink garden hose ok?

I would not use it. If it develops a leak you have problems.

It’s not optimal but it will get you by until you upgrade. I have used it.

Thanks thad, i just decieded to do it right. I got 5/8 Goodyear hose.(red) but that took my money so i dont have a reel …PITA but i will make it work until i can get alittle bigger. Im planning to become a member in June too so i look forward to the special access and being able to get more in details with you all. I Love PWR and could not be happier, thanks for everyones help!

I never thought of garden hoses as having poisonous chemicals that could leak out. If you have the hose flushed and water running through would it be in the hose lengthy enough to pick up chemicals? Our tap water is poisonous before inflowing hose with loads of fluoride, chlorine etc.

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I love my braided 1/2 hose I got from Bob…love it with the delevan setup.

Hosetract makes a nice SS reel also you can also improve the standard reels to be built with stainless steel plumbing.

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