Homemade surface cleaner bar protector

A while back i posted this picture somewhere, but at the time i hadn’t tested it. Just wanted to report that i have used the surface cleaner several times now, and haven’t noticed any balancing issues with it.

It’s 1" ID braided hose that you can get from HD or Lowes. I cut them both the same length, then removed the bar and slid them on, and cut out the nozzle slots. I tried just splitting them lengthwise first, and putting them on like that, but they kept spinning off… might be because the tubing flexes too much when it is spinning.

I know places like Power Wash Store and PWProducts (maybe others also) sell a metal version that will hold up better, so that’s probably the best thing to do. Eventually I might order some of the metal ones myself, but if someone wants a cheap or temporary fix, this seems to work pretty good.