HomeAdvisor Offering Free Lifetime Membership

They’re offering free lifetime membership for the next 24 hours. Anybody else get the call? I’ve asked them numerous times not to contact me and the guy had to beg me not to hang up but that’s what he offered. I didn’t bother to get any more info because I think they’re a scam but if y’all can convince me to try it I probably would. I’ve just heard horror stories about them refusing to remove your name from their lists and whatnot after ending the relationship.

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Free membership, triple priced leads?


Edit Fake leads


Those are my concerns too. I figure there’s always a catch because nothing is free. That or they’re about to go out of business and this is just a money grab until then

I could see either being true. Or they are trying to get info to sell off for a profit to anyone buying. They finally stoped calling me. I’ve upgraded to every person lending money on the east coast. I swear one day I’m going to take all the loans people offer me and retire to mexico!


Oh don’t do that! Go somewhere with no extradition treaties like Vietnam or something like that. I’ve heard its beautiful there.

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Does gwam work? I have friends that live there.

Wham wasn’t the same after George Michael died…

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I believe Guam will extradite to the U.S.

My bad ,you said Guam. :joy:


I spelz gooda


My experience with HA ( Home Advisors actually owns Angies List) has been relatively good for the last 2 years, a few bum leads but overall a good lead generator for me. I build in the cost of the lead as best as I can into my quote, do a good job for the customer and they refer me to family & friends then get their business when the house gets dirty again. But…lately they have been giving me some quirky leads, I got one the other day through Angies List, when I called the customer they said they never put in a request. Also a lot of recent leads are what they call “exact match”, a premium priced lead for when a customer only wants you, coincidental all this is going on now!!! I have not heard of a Lifetime Membership

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that’s not an unusual story for ha. @squidskc had a similar experience

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Yeah, Guam is part of the US so…

Oh and Home Advisor can fall off a cliff.

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I second that. The problem I have revolves around those who low ball prices just to get the deal, and the fact that I’m too busy to be the first to call on the leads. The first to make contact is a 2-1 favorite to win the job. For me, HA has been a race to the bottom in my second year, but in my first I worked really hard, had a small margin, and learned a LOT with the help of my mentors here at the PWRA.

I will not be renewing with HA in October, but just today signed up with Angie’s List, HA’s sister company. As I build my niche I expect Angie’s List to be a good fit. Here’s a caveat, however, Angie’s List expects an annual commitment.The big difference between the two is that Angie’s List members call me, not the other way around.

I will be very interested to hear how AL works out for you, by the way I agree with everything you said about HA. I’m in the Midwest so pressure washing ends when it’s too cold so a year round commitment would be challenging. Tried to get my son in law to go in with me, he is a painter but he just started a great new job.

Angie’s List was an important piece in starting and growing my business, but they have completely changed how they function. Unless you have a significant number of reviews on their site and/or you are the only provider in your market you likely won’t see the return you would expect. We used to get about $50k a year of business through them, but now we get a handful of calls a month from AL members. We have over 900 reviews with an A rating, which is easily the highest in our market.

It may work out for you, but I wouldn’t count on it. They started going down when Home Advisor bought them.

I’m told that I am the only window cleaner. We’ll see. They cost me $350 per month to advertise me in 6-7 categories, so I don’t think I can really lose. I just hope that AL isn’t the same race to the bottom that HA became when my activity level and price rose to match my experience

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