Well I made it home from Huntsville. Just wanted to say THANKS to everyone involved. I had a great time and leared alot. It was great meeting everyone. I hope everyone makes it home safe. Now I have to take all the great things I learned and implement them into my business and start taking advantage of my new membership. That ought to keep me busy this winter. Take care.:smiley:

Couldn’t agree more Jeff. So much to take in and process.

Awesome event!

Jeff and Guy, thank you for attending and you guys making the event a great one!

We got in at 730. Had a great time

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Just got in also !! It was great meeting everyone… Hope to do it again soon…

I finally made it home at 5am…thats with taking a couple quick naps…:slight_smile:

Man the event was a lot to take in! I was so worn out when I got home… But Im energized today!

Jeff, it was good finally meeting you in person. glad you made it home safe and sound.

Welcome to the PWRA. You will get an email from Kate, our extraordinary membership director, as soon as she can process all the new memberships from this weekend.

Thanks for this idea and surely I’ll take note on this… Now I know where and how to start… Thanks for sharing!