Home Show!

Doing our 1st home show this weekend and we have another one next week! Excited to see how it does. Hoping to get a good jump start to our season!


I’m interested to see how you do. I was thinking about trying this but unsure of what my return might be. Good luck!


Nice Display!


How many cleanings would it take to get a positive ROI doing one of these?

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You guys went above and beyond on your displays. It looks really sharp. Makes me question my basic new white yard signs and door hangers with blue block letters… lol

Let us know how it goes for you. I know a couple companies whose main marketing method are home shows. Are you doing a drawing to capture leads?

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If your not, do a drawing! We gave away a $100 visa gift card… to enter they had to fill out a little slip with their name, phone number, name of their condo assoc, email. It’s been gold… without that info we would have seen no roi from that show,

With that info we’ve been able to cold call and schedule a lot of $$ from those people who entered the drawing.


There’s a window and siding company here that is at every home show I’ve ever been to. They give away a free house full of windows or brand new siding job in some of their drawings. The ROI has to justify that. But they also have door to door and cold calling salesmen crawling the city. Who knows.

Thanks! Our 1st day went great. This was just a smaller show but we got many good leads and handed out our literature to whoever would take it. Most peope were very receptive because we were the ONLY cleaning company there unlike the 8 different window installation companies lol. No we didn’t try any give aways this time I figured either people want their house washed or they don’t and I don’t want to waste my time with someone who wants a freebie while qualified leads are passing by… idk I could be seeing it wrong. As for ROI, one or two jobs will pay for my $700 booth space and maybe I’ll get 40-50 jobs out of this?? I guess only time will tell but Im feeling pretty optimistic after my first day

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That looks great. That backdrop was pretty pricey right?

Your leaving a lot of $$ on the table, a simple name, email and phone number slip for a drawing for a $100 via card could lead to a lot of jobs.

It takes many touches sometimes to get in front of them.

Takes a few minutes to set up a mailchimp email campaign and input the emails from the home show.

I wouldn’t give away services, but something everybody wants…free money

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Not bad no my brother designed it and we got it on vistaprints 50% off sale… i think we paid $150? for it and we already had the stand to hang it from

Yea not a bad idea, I’ll consider it for next weeks show

Maybe give away a free house wash or what I call residential concrete combo (driveway, sidewalk, walkway and front porch). I do those about every other month or so when something warrants it. Only a few hours on my time and a few bucks in chem.

Here is the idea - you pick one in a neighborhood you are not already in good with. Do the five arounds, etc. 60% of the the time it is 100% effective.

Don’t give away services…

People will be less likely to fill out the giveaway.

Plus people want $100

Idk. If it were me, I think I would be considering what type of potential customers I’m attracting into my email database. People who are hoping for a handout of a hundred bucks, or people who already have some interest in the service being given away. Just a counterpoint to consider.

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True… shows I do are condo associations not spending their own money. Each customer has a few thousand price tag , so approach is different.

Email marketing is one of the only ways to market for free these days.
Or by cold calling.

For me, it is about what the goal is.

Right now, I am using my stadium cleaning video in a FB post. Anyone who likes my page gets entered into a free residential concrete combo cleaning. The point is to drive my FB page so that it will have a wider audience going forward. From the people who like my page, I select someone who is in a neighborhood that I want to get in for the free cleaning.

  1. I have a legitimate reason to be in the neighborhood.
  2. 5 arounds - perhaps I can get 1 paying job from them. 5 arounds again on the paying job.
  3. People in the neighborhood see my truck - logo, etc.
  4. Do door hangers in combination with a dedicated FB ad only to that neighborhood.
  5. In the morning at 7 am, grab a thermos of coffee, some grub and go park at the main entrance to the neighborhood to have my breakfast and coffee while reading the news. Everyone sees my logo, truck again.

I choose to look at it as I am targeting a neighborhood in a multi-layered approach while also building my FB page likes thus my reach on all future FB post. If I get 100 likes and a couple of paying jobs as well as building traction in a neighborhood for 2 hours of my time, for me that is worth it.