Holding trigger while starting using flow sensing unloader?

When I first had my equipment I had a pressure trapping unloader and it was important to hold the trigger when starting the engine so that it wouldn’t possibly damage the equipment. I have since upgraded to a ZK1 flow sensing unloader and I was wondering do I have to hold the trigger while I start it still or does it not matter anymore? I know that if I turn the ball valve off I don’t have to relieve the pressure from the gun prior to removing it now.

I never do.

I just leave my ball valve open, no gun when I start.

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I always start it with the ball valve open so I can make sure water is running through the machine.

I just turn it on… as long as there is water in the buffer…

Starting the machine without pulling the trigger doesn’t hurt the machine. It’s not capable of hurting the machine. If your machine won’t start without pulling the trigger, get a better battery. My trigger is usually a couple hundred feet away from the truck when I turn the key

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To answer your question - NO