Hold Harmless Agreement for Roof Cleaning

Would anyone be kind enough to share their Hold Harmless Agreement for cleaning roofs? I have had several roofs in the past 6 months that have bit me on the ■■■. A hold harmless agreementr will open the conversation to get the homeowner involved in rinsing the plants after I’m gone and after the next couple of rains…/S


My opinion. Take it for what it’s worth. That agreement is the wrong way to do business. It’s basically making the homeowners responsible for your lack of ability to do a good job protecting there plants . I never have and never will do anything except take full responsibility for plant damage caused by us cleaning there roof. Even weeks later.
We have very little plant damage because we take steps to protect them . BUT stuff happens some times no matter how much you do. It’s the nature of the beast.
We photographed almost every property before we start. If the plants look any different a week after the roof cleaning we simply call a landscaper . No trimming no waiting to see if it comes back . Except for special circumstances we just replace no questions asked


Snake oil guy holds the homeowner responsible for plant loss. Don’t be that guy


How did they bite you?

Dead bush at the lower point on a gutter, no big deal. A boxwood from the estate of Patrick Henry, unreplaceable of course, beyond where I bagged the gutters. It’s not that I want to get out of paying; the agreement would make the homeowner serious about rinsing off the plants after I’m gone and after the next good rain.

I HAVE discovered that a good rinse is invaluable

The boxwood from the estate of Patrick Henry was almost 6 months later and I appeased him by washing his house. That cleaning occurs this Thursday. Of course I take full responsibility, but if the homeowner shares in that responsibility that person could prevent most of the damage.

Yesterday I cleaned a really ugly roof on a house with no gutters. I kept a man on the ground rinsing, and I rinsed the roof, but we know that there’s no way to completely remove all of the sh from that surface. I informed her that the life of her plants relied on her rinsing her plants for the next couple of rains.


Had I not breached the subject those plants might not make it. I think that if there’s someone who isn’t willing to help save their plants and/or are especially litigious, they could refuse to sign and I would know not to clean that roof.

Discretion IS the better part of valor.

reducing plant damage

I find rinsing the roof causes more plant damage then letting Mother Nature do it a day or so later or even hours later. When you rince a roof rite after you clean it you haven’t given the chemical a chance to break down yet


Interesting, Any other comments about this?

I’ve been using the 8” tubing to capture gutter run off. I don’t rinse but I do flush the gutters. If no gutters are present I’ll tarp over the landscaping. Make sure grass is saturated before, during and after. If anything does get on the plants don’t just rinse lightly with a hose pipe, use some moderate force. I use the soap nozzle for 5gpm on 8gpm, or m5ds for 5 on an 8. The undersized tips give it enough force to knock of the sticky surfactant. I learned this the hard way when I burned my first and last bush. Thanks @racer for pointing it out. If gutters are present I’ll throw out some gypsum. If for some reason I feel like the plants have been exposed more then they should have they get extra rinsing and a dose of plant wash.


And if at all possible I’m walking the roof. Less chemical = less runnoff. Less chemical = more money and less risk

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I’m really not being sarcastic, how does rinsing the gutters help? Wouldn’t doing that push the hotter chem into the landscaping instead of letting it evaporate and rain handling it. Did the new unloader solve your problem?

The gutters are still bagged. I find that most gutters have a low point where they don’t drain so the sh is just sitting there. The roof dries quick, the puddles don’t. If we got a brief shower the puddle may burn the grass. Just a theory and a precaution. It’s certainly not hurting since there bagged.

Ok. How long do you cut your bags. I really like the poly tubing. It’s super strong

Ive never cleaned a roof, but all my reading, that was the conclusion, no rinseing of the roof. It would confuse me at first when the talk about bagging gutters AND rinsing the roof, no way.

About 6’. I dont measure them though. I use 6mil. No way they will bust. I reuse them.

The unloader wasn’t the problem. The throttle was lol. Roookie mistake. But now I have a spare unloader. :man_facepalming::+1:


Yea, that would be tough carrying those bags lol. No rinsing of the roof, just the gutters. That’s just a personal preference. I had a hard time leaving looking at the gutters drizzling sh onto the grass one time so I flushed the gutters. It’s become a part of the routine now

That’s about how long we cut ours. I was amazed at how strong they are. 1000 foot roll should last a while

Definitely. I’m still on my first roll. I don’t clean roofs daily though. Usually 1 or two a week. I feel a lot better with them in place.

One or two a week is a good mix. So far no damage but I’ll be holding my breath on a big one we just did for a couple of weeks.

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My friend and mentor @squidskc once told me that he thinks that roofs SHOULD be rinsed and that by doing so the solution would be dilute enough that it would no longer be harmful. IDK, but I DO know that the roof I cleaned this morning had enough moss on it that the customer wanted it rinsed. Now, I’ve done quite a few without rinsing, and a few rinsing and I can go either way. Today, the customer wanted it to look like it had been cleaned, and Mr. Sparkle isn’t happy until his customer is happy. So here’s today’s roof:

and this is yesterday’s roof:

By the way, I was driving past last Sunday’s roof,

a home sale prep, and all of the plants were flourishing. I now have a rinse man on the ground to make certain that no spray can negatively impact the flora. WHO NEEDS A HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT?