I am so new to this and I should have listened years ago and found another line of work but here I am and I am loving the challenge. My question is I have two properties in mind. One in particular is a group of higher end duplex’s that obviously have some type of HOA. Where do I find the information of the HOA? I would gladly approach them with a proposal in hand and develop a relationship with them if I could find them. I have gone through several sources that have lead to dead ends. Like I said I’m new to this type of marketing and I’m going in circles teaching myself.

It’s a mystery to me. I just invited the president of my HOA out for coffee next week, I’ll let you know what I can find out if i get a job out of it.

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Well there website and a chance meeting may have me in the door. Let me know how the coffee meet goes.

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All the HOA’s we’ve ever done work for found us. However, for the neighborhood I live in, our HOA has a website that I found through one of the monthly mailers it puts out. I contacted them through e-mail. We had to fill out a vendor form and provide insurance. They said they contact their vendors when work comes up…

Also, a lot of HOA’s hire property management companies and they sub the work out. We made a contact with a PMC through BNI and he’s given us a ton of HOA violation work ( dirty driveway’s, sidewalks and roofs)


They are hard to get to but try looking up the web site for the condo or subdivision and many times they will list the management company they use.

Have you checked with the rental office or prop. Mgr?

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Going to work in an introduction or two next week with a builder I met this week. I only have one day open to get some face time in next week.

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I just got lucky i done a house last week for someone They ended up being the vice president of their hoa They have 62 houses all together but nothing set up for pressure washing so we sat down an figured up a price They have their big meeting to go over everything in december so it will be next year before i start on it but just make sure you are friendly and do your best work on ever job because you never know who you are working for and what they can do for your business

Good luck Floyd.

And good to see you here.