Hiring Field Supervisor in Auburn, AL ($75,000+)

Auburn House Wash (Auburn, Al) is looking to hire an in the field Supervisor immediately. For the right person, this position can pay very well ($75,000+) w/ 100% company paid health insurance (great coverage, low deductible). You will be leading a residential crew and eventually multiple crews in the Auburn, Al/Montgomery, Al areas. You will also be responsible for equipment maintenance on multiple trucks. We are only interested in applicants with extensive supervisory experience in residential and commercial exterior cleaning.


  1. 5+ Years of Experience
  2. Very Strong Mechanical Knowledge
  3. Technician Training Experience
  4. Strong Customer Service Background
  5. Must Be Able To Work Long Hours
  6. Must Be Comfortable Working From Tall Ladders & Roofs

If interested, please message us directly on our Facebook page. In your initial message, please tell me about yourself, your experience, and why you would be a good fit for this position.

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Yal have the “dumb and dumber” truck with the blue orange stripes and fuzzy gold tassels right?

Curious (not interested in the position but just curious) for a lot of reasons, but do you not have anyone on staff you’re capable of promoting into that role?