Hi, New guy here!

New to the forum and the business. Been trying to get my business set up over the last couple months. Making an effort to do everything right and on books rather than be a gypsy washer. Doing a lot of searching online to answer questions and this forum has been the most helpful, so I joined! I look forward to getting to know you guys and I appreciate the help you’ve already given me, even if you didn’t know you did.

Fledgling Business owner

Welcome Adrian.

Hola. Welcome

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Thanks for the warm welcome!

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Welcome Adrian. I have been in the pressure washing business for over 25 years. The past three years I have been a pressure washer dealer. So, if you ever have any questions that you need personal attention with, please feel free to call me at 678-791-5344

Arrie Parker
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Thanks for the offer. I appreciate it.

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Welcome Brother…eeeerrrr…I mean Uncle…Lol!

Ok a question for you guys who have been here a while. Is it worth becoming a paying member for 200? Im just starting out and cash is tight from equipment and supply purchases. So I want to spend wisely if I get a membership in one of the industry communities around. Any advice would be appreciated.

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The PWRA is my choice for membership because it offers so much in the way of business building ideas and has some pretty good discount programs as well.

The coolest thing about the PWRA is that the folks that put it together and manage it never hound or browbeat anyone to make them join.

You don’t have to join today, but the first (and perhaps only) association that you should plan on joining is the PWRA. In my humble opinion.

Pressure Washing Association and Organization - The PWRA

If you are just starting out I would say its a must to join. The use of business forms and proposal packets alone will pay for your membership. Lots of good tools for a service based business.

Could have not said it better myself!!!