Hi everyone this is my first post on the pwr, need help with a bid

I was contacted by one of my residential customers who wanted me to bid out one of his commercial properties. It is an asphalt parking lot fits about 100 cars not including the pullout space( 50 cars on each side of the lot + id say another 50 unmarked spots in between the 2 sides for room to pull in and out of the other spots) , there is 10x12 garbage area in the back of the lot.In the front of the lot there is a sidewalk 10x50 with major gum removal issues.They want this done twice a month and come by and blow out the debris once a week. I am using a 6gpm hotsy hot water unit and a 24in surface cleaner.Any info is much appreciated.Thanks in advance


Thanks Chris

Hey Haim-- welcome to the PWRA bb. Consider on becoming a PWRA member down the road and you will see your business grow exponentially by using the benefits you get for the cost of your PWRA membership.

So to your question-- figure in your head how long the job will take as in hours and how much an hour you need and then want to make. That is the fastest way to calculate this with so other little info your offering us such as pictures and how bad the area looks etc.

Also if your interested in possibly doing a 3 story church in Brooklyn hit me up on a private message here with your contact info and I’ll give you there’s. My company is booked out till almost August since we just won a town bid to clean 100’s of thousands of square footage of walkways along with the parking garages and residential we do for years now.

Good luck on what you do.

Thanks for the info John. I do have a number in my head, I just don’t want to overshoot the bid and look foolish being that I’ve never done parking lots before bug I will talk to them and feel them out to see if we’re on the same page. Thanks again.