Here's your sign GuyB


Thank you for allowing me to participate in the creation of the next generation of your yard signs. It is truly an honor to be called on to assist in marketing one of the most visible companies in pressure washing. Most of the draft work you see here was created after midnight so I’m curious to see what it looks like in the daylight. Your comments are welcome.

I like the 4th one.

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Lets do something Crazy Tim…Take Company name out…Looking at top left style…Insert “No Damage-Low Pressure”…or…“No Damage-Soft Washing” at the top over House Washing.

Can you change the dark blue bubble background to a lighter blue (Not real light) or water blue? Red background with blue boarder around phone number?

Lets see that…Please…:slight_smile:

Sure thing Mister.

You…(Wait For It)…ARE DA MAN!..LOL!

Who am I trying to kid Mr.B? Get KB on the phone. Tell him what your are doing. Put it on my tab.

Let’s do this thing justice. I do what I do really well. And one of the things I do well is know when I’m about to mess up. I am not capable of making you and me proud on this one. Come on, do it for the truck. Your new truck deserves a really hard hitting beautiful sign. It’s on me, seriously.

No seriously Tim this is exactly what I’m looking for. It’s something I’m testing out.

Let me explain, you need to get your message to the customer as fast as possible. Added logos or web addy only take up space and clutter the message you’re trying to transmit. This isn’t about vanity…it’s about making the phone ring…“What I do, what I’m gonna do, phone number” that’s it and all I want. These aren’t going in customers yards, I’ve never done that with our other signs…it’s all about Johnny Apple Seed time.

If you could bold up the black boarder around the white lettering we’re there!

GuyB, you are the craziest smart man I have ever known.

Here’ssssss the next rendition.


Where do I pay?

You may pay pal or I can have Sandy email you an invoice for you to process through your regular channels. Paypal is quicker if you’re set up that way.

Thank you my good friend.

PayPal is good with me.

Thanks Buddy!


That was fast. Thank you sir. I will take a few minutes to make sure the file is up to snuff before sending it to production.

I stand behind all of the signs I sell but I’d hate to have to re-run one hundred of those things.

Thanks for the vote of confidence Guy. You da’ best!

I like it but I would have removed the droplets in the background

Looks good

I always listen to Guy when it comes to this type of stuff.

John Devine.

Guy I read that you said these sighns will not be going into peoples yards, I get that. Question do you put another type of sighn in people’s yard, like one with your logo or something, or just no sighn


Nope, no signs in customers yards. I don’t have the time or the inclination to go back to every house we wash to pick up a sign, most folks around here don’t like it much any how. Plus how many “Views” do you think you’ll get from a sign in someones Yard?..10…20…25…30…??? I’d rather have it in a place that will get 100’s if not 1000’s of views per day.