Here's an Unexpected Twist

Been buying SH from Univar in small quantities, basically 1 - 2 drums at a time to get around CDL requirements and to limit inventory / storage issues. But effective Aug 1st, just found out today, Univar corporate has instituted a min purchase of $500. So @ $2.45 a gal I now have to have a CDL to haul it off there facility. As I work from my home they won’t deliver to a residential address so one more hoop to jump through as a small business owner.

Anyone else facing this issue and found / figured out a solution around it let me and everyone else know please.

Yet another twist but this time one that brings a smile rather than a nauseous feeling. Made a few phone calls and found a distributer who is not only cheaper but also will consider delivering for a small fee. So going to save a $1.00 a gallon, which just might cover the delivery fee so for same cost I don’t have to go fetch it.

What a roller coaster morning I’m having!