Here Is What We Do When We Are Not Power Washing

We install epoxy garage floors in Albany NY

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How did you get into that? The results are pretty impressive.

I was attending a decorative concrete seminar and saw the epoxy floors. As they say the rest is history. We install around 20,000 sq ft of garage floors a year.

That is really something. What do you do about any moister of the concrete?

I would luv to learn how to do that professionally. How hard is it to learn? I hear there are several coats plus a couple of clear coats.

Jim if there is a moisture problem we have an epoxy vapor barrier that we apply. The system we use in residential garages is a 2 step process after grinding the floor, we apply a coat off 100% solids epoxy and cover it with vinyl chips. After it cures we pick up the excess chips scrape and vacuum. We then apply a coat of 100% solids clear. The top coat is UV resistant. Feel free to give me a call if you have any questions.

Thats pretty awesome… I would be interested to see how it is applied.

@Chris anytime you want to make a trip up to Albany let me know. That garage was a 6 hour project start to finish.

very cool!

Is there a class one could take?

Clark that is awesome… great job. I get a lot requests for that around here. May have to look into it.

do you powerwash the floor first to remove contaniments like oil and such?

No grinding the floor generally takes care of that. May have to occasionally spot treat with a degreaser.

Hey Clark how far do you travel to do a job like that for a 1.5 car garage? Looks awesome dude.

Thanks John we travel all over the Northeast for jobs. On a 1.5 car garage it is often difficult to justify the travel costs. Give me a call I would be happy to talk to you about it.

Hey Clark… That’s for my own garage… If I had a few people that wanted to do it I would definitely give you a call on it… Do you ever coat parking garage floors?? Last year I did two garages in Hartford and then When I was done they had another contractor to coat the floors… Big money in that… And not my thing… We just like to clean and clean some more.

Ya going to kill mike lol…

Awesome looking job Clark!!

Here’s what I “Try” to do when we’re not washing.

That’s a good place to meet new clients!!!

Great place to take new & old Customers :slight_smile: