Help! X jet spring

Does anyone know if the x jet will still work properly without the spring inside? I was trying to take off the quick connect and install a fitting. I’m still in the process of looking for it…

I’m not any help on if it will work without the spring but I’ve lost quite a few springs for other equipment in the past. Take the X jet to the hardware store and find a spring that fits or close to the same size. Do your best on remembering how strong the original spring was.

I’m sure you can order a replacement spring though. If you can’t find one online call X jet. I bet they’d send you one for free.

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XJet broke yesterday (associate dropped it from a ladder), and I found a spring that I couldn’t identify. Guess I know now where it came from. Put xJet on another gun w/o the spring and finished the job. Seemed to work just fine. Does anyone know the purpose of the spring?

OK, think I just figured out what function the spring serves. Remember that after fixing the XJet and discovering an errant spring that the XJet wouldn’t stop dripping once the trigger was released. Think that the spring might have had something to do with that.

Thank you so much! That’s the exact info I was looking for. I had a job to do and was trying to set up the x jet on a gun without the quick connects and it fell out. So I had to use my old downstream set up. Still got the job done but was hesitant to try it without the spring. I’ll order one. Thanks