Help with Florida LLC

Trying to get this form filled out I live in Florida and going to be a one-man operation maybe the wife helping me. Smallrig 5 x 10 trailer. Does anybody know who we would put as the registered agent of the company. Also should we fill this out the form as a single-member limited liability company instead a corporation.

The best to answer this question will be your accountant. Depends on your income or how you plan to draw a salary or to get distributions at the end of each quarter or year. Your accountant will the best to answer and guide you in your particular situation.

Okay thanks for the help was just trying to get a jump on things getting anxious. I’ll tell you I don’t know what I would do without you guys on this site everyone’s been a huge help! I’m sure I’ll be asking more questions in the near future when I get ready to start up in about three weeks. So many questions running through my head lol

We are similar, but in KY. I have a Sole Proprietor LLC and not sure what you mean by ‘registered agent’.

I believe registered agent is just the person that would be the one who gets served with any legal documents. Sim to the owner of a sole proprietorship. I’d imagine that would be your own name.

You can put any one who you want to accept service of any lawsuits against you. Also they will be noticed of your need to pay the annual filing fees.