Help with bid

They just want the building pressure washed I just wanna know what some of y’all whould charge to do this I z don’t know square footage all I have is these pics

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Hey Jeremy-A strong house wash solution and maybe a little pressure in some areas should clean that bldg up nice. Here look at it this way. Take a good look at this bldg and try to figure how long it will take you to do it(The more of these you do the faster you get at them). Then decide how much a day you want to make cleaning this and use a realistic number and not a dream number. Then submit that price. I’d say to figure out the sq’ footage but the easiest way for you now until you get more experience is what I stated above. Hope this helps.

Good luck

Yea John any info helps thanks

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Brick can be tricky. It depends on what they expect. I could soft wash and power wash the whole building from the ground. Doing that I’d be around $1500-2500 10-15hrs if they expect you to “pressure” wash every in. With a lift I’d be around $3500-$4500 30-40hr.
This being said I’m guessing from my experience they only have a budget of $900-$1200 in mind.

Hope that helps

Jordon S.

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Let us know what you bid and if you get the job.

That would be nice to hear how it goes and what they say! It’s been a interesting three years. Where I’m located it’s like pulling teeth to land jobs!

Anyone think what I quoted sounds about right?

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I do not know anything about quoting this type of job. I would think with a lift it would be easier and quicker to do, why such the increase in hours?

I would expect it to cost more if you rent the lift.

It is hard to get a feel for the job from those 3 photos. I can not tell the size of the building from them. It looks like a 1-2 job from first glance so whatever you are charging per day maybe multiply that by 1.5. I put disclaimers on jobs like that if they don’t want the windows cleaned after because we have pretty hard water and those would spot if we just pressure cleaned the building.