Help with a commercial bid on a hotel (with pics)

I was hoping someone with experience could help me with pricing and advice on this project. They want the entire hotel pressure washed with special attention paid to the black streaks. The siding is stucco/Dry-Vit. The building is 300’ long and about 50’ wide so roughly 30,000 sq feet plus the patios etc…

Any suggestions on how to complete this by people who have done projects like this would be a big help! I am open to any and all suggestions, tips, advice.


get a 45+ boom lift for a week+ talk to a large aerial rental corporation… factor atleast a grand for the lift + delivery and pickup…

Thanks! I was thinking I would need a lift for this.

I wouldn’t spend money on a lift. The majority of that building can be cleaned from the ground.

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Any idea what you would charge?

Ballpark at $3000-4000. Balconies will be tricky. We did a 25,000 sq ft Super 8 for around $3000 plus concrete, but we were able to x-jet a strong enough mix.

Thank you, I was thinking $4000 but was needing some confirmation.