Help Scott Davis' group

[B] This is a copy/paste from Scott’s FB page. We just paid for 2boxes to be shipped to him through Walmart’s website(save a few $$$).We are challenging the rest of you to match our 2 boxes to help this Jeep group with their donation to the Ronald McDonald House. On November 9th, our Jeep group, South Coast Jeeps, is participating in the Suds Run. We all convoy down to Ronald McDonald House in Galveston where they house and treat child burn victims and their families. We give the all the kids rides in the jeep to brighten their day a little.

Last year we donated 600lbs of powdered laundry soap, which is what they are in need of most. This year we want to smash that record, so I’m asking for donations of POWDERED laundry soap. If you can donate, please let me know. I can pick up boxes locally or you can order online and have it shipped directly to my house. MONEY WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Thanks for any donations.

Any powdered soap is welcome, I just wanted to provide an easy link to a baby safe soap. …

If shipping to my house, send to 225 Drake Run ln Dickinson, TX 77539<wbr>Dreft-Ultra-Powder-Detergent-Lo<wbr>ads/dp/B0048ZIRGW/<wbr>ref=sr_1_1?s=hpc&srs=2590758011<wbr>&ie=UTF8&qid=1382458019&sr=1-1<wbr>&keywords=dreft


I know you guys are viewing this…step up biotches