Help roof cleaning

lots of my clients ask for roof cleaning i have turn about 8 jobs this year since i don’t know much about roof cleaning
i prefer not to do it i been reading a lot but no to sure what the best option.

any body that can share some tips on pricing , soft washing or use low pressure and downstreming ?
whats a good place where to find the right cleaning chemical for the roof.

again thank you for your time and sharing your knowledge with me .

What state are you in for starters?
Needed chemicals are hard to come by and expensive in some states.
Here is a video of me cleaning a villa tile roof. I did all I could from a step ladder 1st.

im located in New York . It looks that you cleaning with low pressure with a battery pump any recommendations on that .
i currently owned a 5gpm pressure washer but i use down streaming with low pressure nozzle to do house wash it’s the same process posible for roofing but with other chemicals ? thank you for your time

You’ll find that lots of these questions have been answered 1000’s of times so many here will not respond to them. The geneal idea is to never EVER use a power washer on a roof. Use the right equipment for the job because that’s what pros do. We have a dedicated roof system. We bought the pump in a box setup from PressureTek and it’s served us well. It’s also what we use for dryvit and stucco and works perfectly for that.
I spent probably six or more weeks here reading before I ever posted my first question. Everything is pretty much here if you take the time to read and educate yourself. If you do that, you’ll be ahead of the game.

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yes i know i have spend months here reading and i understand what you are saying … but thank you for your time .