Help Please- Need to repair some pressure hose

Hi Everybody. Victor Laney from Crystal Clear in N. County San Diego here. I’ve learned a lot from everybody on the pwra over the last couple years so thanks for that. I’vebeen posting to the wcra for a while now but this is my first post here.

I’m having issues with my pressure hoses. I live just a couple of miles from the beach and everything seems to rust. I keep getting leaks on my hoses where they connect to the coupler. Is there any way to change them out my self with basic technical knowledge and tools? or do I need to take them to a professional hose repair place? I have to 50’ hoses that need to be repaired.

Thanks beforehand for any help/ advice you have to offer.

I tried the search function by the way. I found this thread:

But I’m not sure what the correct parts are.

Two different places where it could be leaking. More than lilely it’s the coupler fitting that has corroded, which is designed to be replaceable. You may need to use a lot of force to get it free from the hose end fitting.

Or if the hose itself has failed at the point of contact with the hose end, you can cut off the bad section with a hacksaw and install one of these:

I used one of those repair fittings to make a 10 foot “whip” line to go from my machine, which is mounted at the front of my trailer, to the hose reel at the rear. It seems to be holding up well. Again, it’ll take some real elbow grease to install it correctly.

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Get 150 or 200 feet hose, les ends to fool with. Take hoses to a repair shop or Napa for there one time repair. The second time, discard them. Don’t putz around with do it yourself repairs on high pressure fittings.

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Hi I’m lucky enough to live near the sea too.

Make sure to use stainless steel or brass fittings and wipe a bit of marine grade grease on the fittings. Be sure it’s a marine grade grease that contains corrosion inhibitors.

This will help them last a bit longer and helps them stay usable as they start to corrode and get rough.

And like Tim says, keep the number of connectors to a minimum


Thanks for the help guys. Very much appreciated.

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