Help please log cabin newbie


So here’s the deal I would never consider it being new for a regular owner, but this will be for a family member. it’s a two story log home with a 3/4 wrapped porch. he’s wanting porch and house done so he can restain a seal it. I’m thinking definitely no pressure whatsoever and do the regular soft work with sh and after rince well, then oxalic acid the whole thing and rince, well nothing more. Any suggestions concerns would be greatly appreciated


Have you done wood before?


Is he going to re-seal it himself? A lot of log cabin siding guys actually sand blast the siding and use a penetrating oil stain.


That looks like a long tedius process. They could buy new logs and rebuild it for what I would charge to do that.


I hear you. One of my customers recently had it done and it took the crew almost a month to do the job.


I think is takes a special kind of person to do that kind of work. Probably why the narrator in the video had the slow monotone voice-over. :grinning:


He’s going to be restaining it himself just wants me to clean it really good maybe lighten it if possible it’s stained really dark and only wood I’ve done is a deck so far was looking at the wood strippers out there but not sure on how to apply any suggestions would be greatly appreciated I don’t want to get to fancy with it he hasn’t asked for a whole lot just want to make sure to use the right techniques and products to get it as good as possible with softwash


Honestly this seems like a job for someone with advanced wood restoration skills. So easy to cause damage.


My only suggestion is to let a professional do it.


I’m trying hard not to take that as a insult I’m striving to be a professional I’m not some idiot who walked off the street I have 20 plus years experience with equipment and problem solving I’ve been a boss half that time even co-owned a construction mining company I see nothing difficult with washing a deck or a home it’s a process one step at a time take your time do the research everyone has to do it their first time once maybe it would help if someone told me exactly why I shouldn’t wash my brothers house what can go wrong I could then inform him of the concerns and make the decision up to him he already knows I’m ocd and won’t rest until it’s right but I could inform him of what could happen I see the house and see that pressure could scar wood so no pressure. Chem and rinse. Won’t be perfect as sandblasting but he understands that already. He only wants it clean so he can restain it and refinish it himself


I didn’t mean that you weren’t professional in your approach, but you are not a professional log cabin wood restoration and maintenance contractor. I have been pressure washing for 14 years and I’m not a professional log cabin wood restoration and maintenance contractor either, so I would pass and let a professional do it, but you can do whatever you feel confident in. Ironically, I just passed on a log house this week. I’m doing the flatwork, driveway, walkways etc… and windows, but a log home expert is going to do the siding. That’s just my opinion.

Maybe reach out to this guy
Kyle Mickel 570-729-1857 or 570-352-4707 (Cell) He might be able to steer you in the right direction.
Here is a quote from Mickel’s website: “The problems people have with log homes are easily preventable. The proper stain should be applied when the logs are clean and dry. Water in direct contact with the house is a big problem.”

Or these guys
Log Building Maintenance and Restoration, LLC