Help me with efficiency

Right now I’m just in the beginning stages of washing and frankly not making near as much as I should per hour.

For example, I got a call for a single wide trailer that was actually the nicest on the block and he wanted some algae removed in a few spots. I know house mix is supposed to stay on for 10-15 minutes, so I have been Xjetting and rinsing sections at a time, but it’s not efficient at all and takes me a lot longer than I would like.

How bad would it be to just SH the whole thing as needed first, even if it sits for 30-40 minutes?

(EDIT: that was a dumb question, just ignore it)

Also how do you all handle rinsing? I like using the M5 for that but yanking the vinyl hose off every time is a pain.

Any other efficiency tricks would be appreciated. And no, I can’t get a fancy $400 hose reel or get a $1600 machine to downstream yet.

Nothing fancy is needed to downstream. A DS injector is around $30 and can be plugged into your pump before your hose. No bypass is needed and you won’t be stuck carrying around that bucket anymore unless you need a stronger mix. Do you need me to send you a picture?


The problem with leaving your mix on there for 40 minutes is it’s going to dry. You can leave it on for longer but you’ll have to backtrack and make sure you keep everything wet so it would probably end up taking you longer.

If you want to speed up your time ditch the xjet and down stream. You have an M5 so just plug the barb on it and use it. You already have your pressure washer so all you’ll need is a down stream injector.

A single wide is small enough where you should be able to soap the whole thing and then rinse. Bigger houses I usually do half at a time or sometimes 3 sides before rinsing. It does depend on other variables like temperature or if the sun is beaming on one side.

I think 15 minutes is a bit long to dwell. If I had to wait that long I would mix stronger and down to around 8 minutes dwell. Time is money.


^^ ditto to what was already said. I downstreamed with a rented 3.5 gpm machine when I first started, and even with only 50’ of pressure hose and wheeling the machine and mix bucket around houses I was fairly efficient. A single wide probably would’ve taken an hour at most, soaping two sides at a time. Now it takes 30 minutes give or take.

You can mist areas as you’re rinsing to keep your soap from drying out. That’s what I do if I’ve got really heavy growth on siding.

Ive washed 3 single wides with no hose reel and mixed on site. Takes me at most 1.5 hours and 2 hours if it has red mud all over the vynal under pinning. Ive haven’t tried soaping the whole thing. I more of soap half then rinse then soap the other half and rinse. No rushing around. I still think i make decent time.

Edit: not 3 at once

I wasn’t aware you could add an injector to my pump. It already has one but I never use it, not sure what ratio it puts out.

Do they make one that can bypass to my buffer tank so I can leave it running?

You could add 3 injectors but only one would work. Use it and make money. Soap as much as you can comfortably walk back and forth without losing too much time fighting hoses. It will vary. Find that sweet spot and perfect it. Thing about perfect is it’s never perfect. Don’t go too fast too soon. You’ll figure out what works for you. Time and $$ wise. Keep on calculating

I don’t mean to be rude, but Sheesh, you’ve been doing this for awhile now. There are a million videos and posts on how to wash a house. Don’t ask silly questions about

That’s ridiculous. We’re all busy now, I’ve been up 23 hours straight. Develop you’re own system based on your equipment to be more efficient. My only advice to this question is be systematic and consistent in your procedures on every job. You’ll figure out where you can improve. If not, you may not be cut out for this.


What type of machine do you have?

We only need the solution to sit maybe 3 minutes 4 minutes tops. Then we rinse. We did a 2 story 3300 sq ft house with stucco on the front and vinyl siding around the rest in 1hr and 23 min.

We apply with our booster pump and rinse with the power washer 5.5gpm. On the last side we rinse with both the booster and pw.

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I think he said he had an injector built into the pump lol. That, and these last questions means he isn’t serious about this. I wouldn’t waste any more time with him


No, you’re right Rick, dumb question. It had been a long day for me as well.

I can’t tell you how many people on the board said I may not be cut out for this, good thing I keep at it. I have roughly 10 houses cleaned so far, surgery really put a crimp in things this spring.

You’ll figure it out. I wouldn’t expect to be the wizard of washing after only 10 jobs.


It sounds like you are conflating injector with downloader? Maybe on your unit they are both built in? If that’s case I am not sure how you would plumb it. Normally it’s a matter of putting a fitting on the injector and running a hose to either the ground or your buffer tank. Good luck.

Yeah, it’s built-in, all one piece. Machine gives me a workout!

Don’t use the one on the outlet of your pump. Buy one and put it on. Problem solved. It amazes me how people know of/use an x-jet before learning about downstreaming. Maybe it’s just me…

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That’s not how, nevermind.

Ahh it works for me for now. Maybe you’ll approve when I upgrade lol


That is so cool, thanks! Nobody that i can recall suggested adding an injector to my basic 4/4 machine, they just pointed me to an xjet. I’ll definitely look into that…after I make some money with my new $500 surface cleaner.:laughing:


Until you upgrade, unscrew the built in injector barb a plug the hole. Unscrew or drill out the orifice. Fix the plumbing on your pump. Lead with male. You will see a noticeable difference.