**HELP ME** - Siding is discolored after being power washed - what happened?


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This happened to me recently, after downstreaming and cleaning and drying the oxidation on the 2 sun facing sides of the house look just as bad as the dirt/mildew did before hand, i let the homeowner know ahead of time (before they even could see it)and that i would return to hand brush those 2 sides…which i did and the result turned out great…she ended up paying me an extra 50% tip on the job and i didnt even ask for anything extra.
Oxidation seems to really show bigtime on the brown/blue and gray colors of siding more than other shades. To answer the original posters question, sometimes contractors cant predict completely whats always hiding under the dirt there cleaning…and you should be happy you didnt hire someone who would have hit that house with HP tips because that would be irreversable…a simple extension pole, soft brush and detergent should help that allot and even out the appearance…i dont think going back on the contractor after 5 months would be fair but i also dont know all of the circumstances. Always 2 sides to every story and the truth is usually somewhere in the middle.


i do not have my first job, or wash rig yet and have learned from this thread to put a clause in my contract that the above may occur…


Personal opinion here but you will loose A LOT of work making folks sign a contract. Know what siding to wash. If it’s in that bad a shape then walk away. If someone asked me to sign a contract before they washed my truck because the paint was old I would not let them wash it.,same for my house.


Communication is key. I know there’s always an exception but most people if you communicate clearly things that can be a problem and everyone has the same expectations there’s usually not a problem. It’s when the customer expects one thing and they are surprised when it doesn’t happen that’s when there’s a problem. One thing I’ve learned in sales is to do my best to under promise and over deliver


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