**HELP ME** - Siding is discolored after being power washed - what happened?


I agree that some here could have used a little more tact in their reply. But they were right to not simply throw another contractor under the bus without hearing his side of the story.

“The first to state his case seems right, Until the other party comes and cross-examines him.” - King Solomon.

Likely from many years of experience, many of the ‘ole boys’ here know when something doesn’t quite seem right.

I find it an interesting coincidence that most of those who are agreeing wholeheartedly with Tessa’s narrative and expectations, seem to have less time under their belts as pressure washers and business owners. The conclusions she has made appear obvious at first glance. They’re standards that all businesses should striving to meet. But the problem with simply agreeing with those conclusions is that it makes us all party to whatever she has planned for our testimony.

Again, I’ll quote the wise king:

“13 When anyone replies to a matter before he hears the facts,It is foolish and humiliating.”

That implies hearing the facts from both sides of the case.


LOL. Really man? I pointed out the female part because she brought it up for sympathy or some reason. Nice play with words. Why lie to her and tell her that the condition was created by the contractor? It may make you look good to her but everyone here that washes for a living knows it is untrue. She has repeatedly refused help in fixing her problem. she is not here for any other reason except to stir the pot. Apologize for yourself if you like but please don’t put a blanket apology out for the rest of us. I’m to old and being doing this too long to play games with someone that just wants to cause trouble. WDW you are an embarrassment to real contractors for your pandering and word play in your above post.


wtf is going on? Every one is going crazy!!!



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I realize this is an old post but we run into this all the time with vinyl. We always explain about oxidation and what can happen.They should have used a soft wash system with a very light mixture of bleach (probably 1/10 bleach to water plus a soap) In our tanks that would be 5 gallons of 10% bleach, 45 gallons of water plus some soap (we use roof snot). It should be applied, left on for about 5 minutes and they rinsed off with no pressure.That should have been good.


I know I’m resurrecting a dead thread. Was just browsing it for amusement and found this comment and got curious. What’s special about those colors of siding that make them difficult/unwise to wash?


I am not going to explain all that again lol. Wash them or take my word and avoid head aches later


I’ll take your word for it. All the houses around here are white/beige/yellow anyway.

Did you explain the color part already? I didn’t see it. Perhaps I just wasn’t diligent.


Those colors often react negatively with sh resulting in a color change.


I actually assumed “Jeff” was Tessa/anonymous and that she was writing what she would have wanted to hear. Lol


That was so long ago I don’t remember


I am at the cottage, and just saw this thread because someone bumped it. Oh man, what an entertaining read it was! Started at the beginning, and enjoyed every delicious moment!


I just told my wife tonight that I am done washing dark blue siding. She laughed because I say it every year.


Unbelievable what you find in this forum when you dig. Love it and all the personalities here! :sunglasses:


LOL! What a great read!


I was Mr Tactful, don’t you think?


Every forum in the world has this problem. If you don’t agree with them you are poo. I prefer it when they only come back and argue for a minute though, not 5 pages worth, LOL! then again, it was interesting reading


Indeed. This was quite the read lol


So you are aware of the concept.:smirk::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I’m not much on the practice of it though