**HELP ME** - Siding is discolored after being power washed - what happened?


You guys are unreal… I wasn’t trolling myself. In fact I was attempting to close my profile and remove the posts from the site but was unfortunately unsuccessful and had to message the admins. In the process it looks like my screen name changed somehow to an anonymous figure. No idea how or what happened. But go ahead and think what you will. You guys seriously have a problem - harassing people, customers, that come to this site for actual HELP. NEITHER ONE OF YOU ASSESS EVER, NOT ONCE, ASKED ME FOR FACTS OR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. There was too much to include in the one original post, but would have been happy to share the details of my situation with anyone interested in learning more - and hopefully learning from what happened to my siding. I honestly have never felt so much disdain and sadness for people I don’t know. Now go dig yourselves a giant HOLE and climb in!!


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Dear, we all know what happened to your siding. It is a simple fix. I have offered 4 times to put you in touch with someone to fix it.


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Im sorry to hear that happened to your house it kinda looks like the paint was washed off were you using checmicals? What was your spray patterm? How high was the pressure? All of these factors go into pressure washing. Whats done is done you might just need a fresh coat of paint now.


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Hi Asset218,

I know you got a lot of “answers” here, but here is my 2 cents.

I always warn my clients of potential changes in color when cleaning siding (or anything else for that matter). I always test a small area to see how much oxidation has occurred before cleaning the whole house. If things look like they might turn out different after a cleaning then I make the homeowner sign a waiver that states what could happen after cleaning. I think this is something everyone should do. Its professional and saves me and/or the homeowner a lot of headache.

At this point I know that doesn’t help you much but for the future I would hire someone who cares about their work and not just “another job” situation.

You could try and get an insurance claim going but I am not sure on that. Maybe you should ask a lawyer.

As far as a fix goes, I have repainted siding before and I think that may be you only option.

Sorry this happened to you.


That is a pretty vain, smug response. So the person that you have never met who cleaned her house is not a professional because they didn’t clean a sample first or “make” them sign a waiver? You think the remedy is painting but you are a peofessional? Not trying to ride you but you need to consider the whole picture here. This person lied, changed the story as she went, created another profile, used profanity and failed to take any responsibility. After you start doing this for a living the idea of sample cleanings and meeting face to face with homeowners goes our the window. No way to do that with 20 or 30 houses on the schedule. I know you were probably trying to help but this woman wasn’t lookung for help or a remedy.


Well someday you are going to get sued like I almost did, then you will be very conscious on how you clean certain things. You are in dangerous territory if you think you can just pull up and wash a house without telling the owner of certain risks and such, and not checking a small area if you think there is a risk. I mean even the Lowes education vidoes explain this fact. Its not a big deal just to check a small area. Not all siding is the same.

As far as her story goes, I don’t care if she is legit or what. There is a professional way to do things and not. My opinion is as a “professional cleaner”, you need to know what could happen on certain sidings and be educated on washing painted surfaces and what not. Don’t make excuses for not taking care of your customer first.


I don’t think you are understanding what I’m saying. My guys won’t put me in that situation to begin with. The calls are screened before they ever arrive. If they do see oxidation, blue brown green or red vinyl they don’t even bother washing. If a customer doesn’t answer those questions honestly over the phone then they are looking to cause me trouble anyway. There is no signing waivers. That is unprofessional. That’s like saying I may or may not screw up your place. If I do it’s not my fault. Who knows what actually happened between her and the contractor. She has not be honest enough for us to know.


I did get a chuckle from the lowes video comment


Thank you so very much for the kind response, I really appreciate your input. I was simply curious if there was a “best practice” in the industry to avoid this type of situation and you have kindly answered that question. Have a great day!! :slight_smile:

Asset 218


@Innocentbystander I never lied about my situation - I just couldn’t provide the entire 6 month history in a single post. You could have asked me to provide additional information and I would have been more than happy to share those details with you, but instead you and your comrades turned into a bunch of immature 3rd grade bullies. Luckily there have been a few actual professionals on this site that were able to treat me and my situation with respect. Now you can go bye-bye and harass someone else!

(showing as Anonymous because I still can’t change the profile settings… not trolling…)


The ones that have replied to you are not professional pressure washing contractors lol. Did you notice that one paints and refers to lowes videos. There was nothing to prevent you from posting everything in your original post. As stated earlier. You are not here to seek solutions or remedies for your problems. You are here to gain ammo against a contractor that is not here to speak for himself and one whom you have admitted to slandering and libeling. You have broken several of the forum rules for this site already with your foul language. There has been no bullying, just straightforward answers that you don’t like.


Wrong thread…


On so many levels


I want to apologize Ma’am for how you were treated on here. As I read the dialogue and back and forth discussion I was astonished at how extremely rude several of the posters were to you, especially Innocenbystander. As another poster mentioned, " they really need to understand and comprehend customer service ", the specific topic we are talking about notwithstanding. And the condescending remark where they say, " …do not be discouraged you are a female ", Should truly give you some insight and pause into the thought process and character of this individual. A company and service that I certainly would not use for just that if nothing else. Pretty Disappointing .

A- We ( My Company ) always informs the customer of this possibility before doing siding jobs that may chalk or present a wave pattern. We do this for the exact reason that we are discussing. Sometimes, we even recommend that they do not have power washing because of the degree that it will alter the look. Yes, you should have been told !!
B- The power washing did not expose this condition. It created it. The pattern was not magically exposed as the contractor cleaned away any surface debris, as one poster said.
C- You probabaly have a legitimate small claims case. If it is within the Statue of Limitations for your State.
D- They can no sue you for Slander or Liable. That is a threat and is BS. It doesn’t come close to fitting the criteria. Merely leaving negative, critical feedback about your experience ( which was negative and substandard obviously ) does not fit the criteria - not even close.
E- This isn’t a Good- Ole boys club and there are still business and contractors that are willing to say the difficult thing, and do the right thing as a matter of principal. ( You will see evidence here shortly that in fact it is not a Good-Ole Boys Club. )

Hopefully you have gained some insights and benefits from your inquiry.


Jeff, THANK YOU kindly for your thoughtful response. It is nice to know that there are at least a few of you that are able to respond with respectful and thorough feedback. It is appreciated. :slight_smile: