**HELP ME** - Siding is discolored after being power washed - what happened?


This was copied from their website…did you try what the recommended before having your house washed?

Not only can ABC Seamless steel siding stand up to the elements, but it can provide top protection against:

Insect and rodent infestation

It’s low in maintenance, too. You won’t have to scrape, paint, or pressure wash your ABC siding to keep it in pristine shape. An occasional rinse with a garden hose is all that’s necessary to revive its striking, like-new appearance. It comes in several attractive options, including a log style and a traditional board and batten style.

try emailing them: info@goabcseamless.com I would send them a picture and maybe they have a simple solutions or have seen this before.


@wps1122, Thanks for the information. Yes, I did follow the siding manufacturer’s recommended maintenance of using a garden hose to clean the siding twice a year. I then contacted the power washing contractor when I noticed the white chalky residue (wasn’t sure what it was) - and they proceeded to power wash which led to this severe discoloration all over the home. And when I raised my concern about the discoloration they came out again did something to make it even worse. The siding manufacturer is saying that at this point (after using several chemicals and an acid wash) that the only viable solution is to paint the siding.


There you go. Situation resolved. Paint and move on. Any more talk or complaining is just redundant and petty. It would be much cheaper to have the oxidation removed but you have refused every single offer for that. Can we shut this thread down now as it is accomplishing nothing?


I have had several contractors out to attempt to remove the oxidation using various chemicals/cleaners and even an acid wash. It helped in some areas but made it worse in others. Again, I simply wanted to know if the contractor I hired to do this job SHOULD HAVE been aware that the white chalky residue on my siding was “oxidation” and COMMUNICATED this to me before proceeding with a power wash?

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What is your deal? Your story changes with each post you make. Every question you have asked has been answered. You just haven’t got the answers you wanted. This is a professional forum. You are our guest. Don’t type with caps on. Don’t use profanity. Be respectful to others.


For a professional forum, you sure do not act professional. From the very beginning you have been abrasive, abrupt and not friendly. On the flip side you should learn some customer service!


Lol. Now the trolls have arrived. Wonder who the original poster actually is. Someone banned previously?


I think the OP has been offered very sound advice. They obviously came here seeking validation to their own thoughts and didn’t receive them and are now unhappy. I also think asset was attempting to use this forum, and the opinions of professionals here, to build a case against their contractor. Now they’re frustrated that it didn’t work out the way they expected it to. And if I had to guess, Anonymous is actually asset in disguise. Kinda funny that anonymous, who joined yesterday, first post is this…

Give it up, asset. You’ve been given opinions by some of the most respected people on this board. You can’t MAKE someone agree with you.


By having other contractors try to fix what the original one did, you let them off the hook for damages.

Call either PPG Paints or Sherwin Williams, they should be able to send a field rep out to evaluate what type of coatings would be needed for your siding. They also should be able to recommend a painting contractor. Store locator links below for your state.



Good luck.


WPS, not sure of your state laws but that is simply not true at all by my state laws. And that would be absurd!! I mean if a contractor put on a faulty leaky roof, you’re supposed to sit back and let all your belongings get ruined so you can make them responsible? Makes no sense whatsoever…:




Thank you. To clarify, the original contractor has been identifying which contractors should come out to “fix” the discoloration with chemicals and acid washes, etc. So for all these months I have been listening to the advice of the professional contractor that was originally hired for the job, hoping that we could come to a satisfactory resolution.


Tessa, I tried to bite my tongue and I’m certain my opinion means little, but I do believe you deserved a more tactful response. I have messaged you as this looks IDENTICAL to a job we completed recently and the fix was pretty simple. We made a third pass with the detergent, a little less concentrated using a pump sprsyer, and a stiff brush. It worked perfectly and the customer gave us a 5-star review.


Maybe I should have used the wording possibly off the hook. But then again I’m not a lawyer, and should not attempt to offer legal commentary.:grinning:


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And now it’s obvious…anonymous actually just posted accidentally thinking they were still logged in as asset. Lol
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She is not looking for a solution. The fix is simple. She is looking for someone to throw her contractor under the bus when we haven’t been given all the facts and she is duplicitous in creating new profiles to garner sympathy. Let her troll for awhile and she will eventually leave.