Help me make the hardest decision of my life

5.5 gpm legacy pump 3500 psi for $375.

Or a udor for $758

Thank you !

Udor. Decision made. Now enjoy the rest of your day


Are you a parttimer or fulltimer? How flush are you?

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Good chance that the Udor can be found for much cheaper (@squidskc). But even at that price, it’s worth it.

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Could you point me in the direction of a cheaper price please. Its the udor gkc 21/28s. The only problem is the inlet and outlet ports are one size bigger than my fittings. Also. I kinda wanted to build a life time pressure washer. One that would outlive me. It’s for personal use and it’s going on an 850 pound hot water skid that I’m trying to rebuild

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Does it have to be that exact pump?


With that said it’s Udor all the way.

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It wouldn’t have to be that exact pump I Just kinda wanted to buy once And there were people talking really good about Udor and Legacy

The one you linked would have the ports the right size I don’t know if i can downsize the ports on the 21/28s Or If i would have to buy all new fittings

Supposedly the 21/28s Is overbuilt the rods are 2x stronger or something

Has anybody here ever used the MKC2024S by udor ?!?!

I’ve looked up so many darn pumps i’m going crazy with pressure washer pumps

I don’t think you can go wrong with any Udor.

The only complaints I’ve ever read, were about the Udor Zeta booster pumps, but that was from people using them for roof cleaning, something I don’t think the pump was designed to do.

2x stronger than bulletproof seems like massive overkill for a personal machine. Even for one that sees heavy usage.

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MKC2024S Sound good ?

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What are you putting it on? That one is for 1450 rpm. Just make sure you use the right pulleys/sheaves to mate it to the skid

1 Like Is the machine that i’m rebuilding It will be completely taken apart and cleaned Bearings in generator replaced ETC

Also All the specs line up 1450 rpm I’m upgrading the engine.

I Just wondered if you thought the MKC2024S pump was worth the money was all .
I Thought it might’ve been a cheaper option from Udor or something I Don’t know anything about pressure washers really.
I’m making my decision tomorrow.

I’ve driven myself crazy with looking at all the different pressure washer pumps
there must be 50-60 different types that would work on this machine .

Thank you in advance for your response !

All udors have u packings , oversized bronze connecting rods, can be run dry. Bullet proof pumps. Any that you pick out are superior to other pumps. What style you get is personal preference


Having used UDOR’S since the early 90’s the only consistent problem is center cap on low pressure side will eventually become impossible to remove or impossible to retighten. UDOR says the heads have been spiked warping the threads.Valve caps can also loosen up on high pressure side causing distorted threads. Who recommended UDOR to you William do you remember ?

My landa guy in 1998