Help me build my trailer


late 20s


Was thinking maybe early to mid 20’s.


I see why you would think that.

I just really dislike bullies and feed into their drama.


You’ll learn to chill and not take things so serious as you age. If you don’t, you’ll be frustrated a lot in life. As a wise person once told me, no matter how successful you are, financial, career, health or otherwise, EVERYONE has to spend some time like a fish in a barrel sometime during their lives. How you survive that time and come out the other side is the important part.
@MrSparkleVA is a current good example of that.


@MrSparkleVA is a champ! I’m rooting for him and would place a large bet on his success.


So I didn’t like the spare taking up real estate on the trailer bed and got a better mount for the roadside rail.

Next step is mount the tanks, then add bulkhead and plumbing…by the way, it is 6 degrees F out here, and I am soooooooooo tired of the cold.! See the 100 pounds of ice melt by the trailer tongue!


So, the pressure washer was delivered today! This bugger is HEAVY! I was by myself, so I couldn’t get it onto the trailer yet, but, wow, what a nice piece of equipment! VERY nice “steel” skid. Apparently Pressure Pro has upped their game and did away with the aluminum skid and now have a steel powder coat frame. It’s still below freezing here so I had to wrap the pump with blankets until April. But will be plumbing it in a couple weeks, with PICs…


You’ll love it. Sucker weighs about 250-300lbs though


That’s what a chain hoist/engine lift is for.


Or a strong not too bright friend.:sweat_smile:


Too few of these.

Too many of these.

My chain hoists qualify as both strong and dumb though.


Dealer told me that I didn’t need liftgate and that me and a buddy could easily lift it off the truck!
Hell no! This bugger is HEAVY! What were they thinking?


I got the frame mounted unloader. Hopefully that will help with the stress factor. I am 58 years old so I don’t need the kickback.
This is a side hustle. But, I wanted good equipment. Wish it was warmer out.



Hire a wrecker company, they are not as expensive as you might think


That’s me That’s me Pick me Pick me lol


My wife and I just lifted that same burner 4 plus feet in the air and over into a truck bed. We did it twice a few days apart. Sorry, but you need to eat more or something


Yes, my kids could if helped, but the way i built the trailer the machines could only fit from the top not tge sides.
I got a “deck” in my garage 10x12 6 feet off the ground th at my daughter calls tree house with a library ladder.

So i had to custom build the rack no more than 5’5" off the ground.


Was that Honda bolted to the pallet? I can’t seem to find the bolts holding it to the pallet. It is not the four rubber feet bolts, must be some others?


The PW wasn’t bolted to the pallet.
I dont think they ship it that way


I once purchased an older Miller Dial Arc. It probably weighed about 400 pounds. To unload I just backed under a tree and used a come along to lift it up and lower it to the ground. I sold it and delivered it to a buddy. To get it on the trailer I just used a come along to pull it up a ramp. It does have wheels.

To load other stuff by myself I would just place the equipment on a little wheeled dolly and use a ratchet strap to hold it down. I usually screw down a piece of plywood so it’s on a flat surface.


I then use a come along to pull it on up. Hook one end to the front of the trailer and the other to the front of the dolly. One of those little $60 winches from harbor freight would work even better. If the equipment is top heavy just connect two dollies together with a piece of plywood.