Help me build my trailer


If that’s a violation I’ll leave right now


Don’t divert a topic by changing it midstream.

There you go buddy leave now.


@tireshark @Tim4 @Chris @Greg755 @squidskc @FrankPeters . and the rest of the decent guys here, holler if you need me. 9195243875. I’m leaving y’all with this knucklehead lol. Have fun, be safe, and love your wife and kids


HUH? WTF happened? Your leaving this Forum altogether? What I miss here? I didn’t even comment here and I got tagged LOL


I posted something that was off topic and then deleted it because it would ruin the thread. @Innocentbystander screen shotted it and reposted it in an attempt to provoke me. @Sharpe made a joke but I did not know it was a joke because he always insults me. I then insulted him. After which I deleted all my stupid posts that would ruin this thread.

@Innocentbystander said I was breaking rules. I mentioned he was breaking rules and said he would leave if he was. I linked him to the rule he broke. He has now left.

I can’t count how many threads I have searched through only to see him and a few others derail threads and then it ends with no useful information. This guy got upset because I am trying to stop that behavior.


Oh… Well… On the bright side, does anyone need a Pro-Mix-Alot V2 LOL? These went out today. More parts are on order…


Why do you keep editing the content of your posts after people respond. You should stop doing that.


They do look nice!

Why do you keep telling other people what to do. You should stop doing that.


Hi. I’m being serious. What’s your deal. Is their a personal issue thats affecting your life that you need a friend to talk with about. I’d like to help.


No issue, you have just been very rude to me and I am treating you how you treated me.


I hope things work out for you buddy seriously. You seem scared and angry. If you ever need to talk Im here for you. Maybe opening up in a public setting will help.:hugs:


Maybe you should focus on yourself before you offer help to others. After all you are such an easy target.


I guess so.


Thanks for the input boys and girls, but it’s now time for a heads down timeout. Drink your milk and eat your graham crackers and heads down for 20 minutes.


Yes sir.


hey buddy do yourself and all of us a favor and just get lost. your not funny or clever. You are clearly to stupid and immature to handle being part of this group.

seriously go away


No thank you.


Awesome, Since you won’t share any other personal or company info, It may help everyone if you at least told us how old you are.


is there a block button? i dont wanna see posts where this bozo decides to straight up make shit up for whatever stupid reason he justifies it in his head. all that is going to accomplish is distrust/misinformation/arguements. can’t we just remove him or block him… these are the kind of people that ruin being here.


Yes, you can mute me in your profile.