Help is really appreciated, dont know if I should clean this property

I have the possibility to clean it for free in order to build my portfolio (which is what I am looking for right now). I have some concerns regarding if it is dirty of not. Do you believe the change will be great? Not 100% but 99,9 it never has been cleaned). Also I do not know if it’s wet or dirty.

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That’s an awfully big building to be washing for free. Even if it is a learning tool. Maybe just do it at a heavy discount

Okay, thank you. Why do you think that? It is very difficult to clean, or because it is very big?

The thing is that I do not have any building and searching for one to do the test is not an easy task here in Spain, as it is going to be my first job.

Anyone else can give an opinion please?? It’s quite urgent :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

What all are you wanting to clean? Concrete? House? Pavers? etc?

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No way I’d do that for free. However in your country with no industry I might be flexible on that.


Agreed. I know you want some before and after pictures but I doubt the house doesn’t even look that dirty so you won’t get much out of it. I might do the driveway for a discounted price to get some pictures. To be honest I wouldn’t discount anything. Start handing out flyers or run some facebook ads and you’ll get some work. Doesn’t take long to get a handful of decent before and after pictures for marketing.


Okay, thank you. The thing I had in mind to clean was whatever it could be cleaned on the exterior of that house. I need before and after pictures and also a house transformation I can show future customers as I can’t directly go and sell my service without having cleaned anything before.

This opportunity has presented and I may be able to clean it for free in order to build a portfolio (by portfolio I mean more to be able to say I have cleaned something before that some radical before and after pictures)

My main doubt was if the house (driveway for example) is dirty or if it’s clean in order to know if the transformation photos would be great or not.

That driveway looks dirty and should clean up. The retaining wall built out of the big white rock would probably clean up good enough for decent before and after pictures too. Not sure if you’re doing roofs yet but that roof would clean up. I wouldn’t mess with the house unless you actually see some algae streaks. Looks pretty clean from the pictures. You could always clean it if you really wanted to.

It does look like it might’ve rained but it will still make a difference cleaning it.

What kind of climate do you have in Spain?


Thank you very much, yes, roof it’s quite dirty but it may be too complex for me as I am starting out. I had in mind only to do the driveway, some walls and if I see some dirty patio clean it too. This particular house is located in Santander, North of Spain, it’s quite a wet weather.

If you have access to chlorine/bleach then you can clean that up. It might cost you a lot in supplies though. If you have good equipment and access to bleach then it might be a good thing to do IF you know how to turn before and after pictures into future jobs. Think about how you will do that.
Try to see if they will cover your costs so you don’t go negative on this.

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Okay, thank you, yes I have access to it. I am going to rent a machine to do the job, approx how much do you estimate the bleach will be??

What is the name of your charity?

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