Help! I'm on a jobsite

My ds injector blew the spring and oring into the chem hose several feet. And whenever i shut the soap valve off, it blows the soap hose. It seems like it’s pressurizing my soap line in the wrong direction.
I pulled the ball out off the injector so I could continue to soap but doing so caused water to start filling up my chem tank. Any ideas anyone? @Innocentbystander

Change the injector out. Without the ball there is nothing to prevent it from backflowing.

I swapped injectors however, even though it’ll pull soap with the orher injector, it still pushes water into the chem tank when not using the soap tip.

Added hose? Different injectors?

You have a check valve that is malfunctioning. The check valve’s purpose during high pressure operation is to prevent the issue that you having.

Weird that it happens with two different injectors. Could be a fluke. What is the pressure? Maybe the unloader is letting too much pressure build and it just over-powers the check valve?

The problem is that the check valve is not closing…probably trash, varnish, corrosion or some such thing…perhaps a weak spring.

Back pressure would probably force it closed into the seat and thereby shutting off backward flow of water.

Nothing changed. It just stopped soaping half way throigh a job. Using 200 feet of hose like always.
Where is this check valve located?

There is no check valve. Unscrew the barb and there is only a ball, oring and spring. If you replaced the injector and it is still flowing thru the barb call me tomorrow.

The ball in the injector IS the check valve. The pressure should push that ball down into it’s seat and block any water from flowing backwards. Changing the injector should solve the problem. Maybe it is a fluke and you just happen to have two bad injectors. In theory, the higher the pressure, the tighter it will push that ball down and the more tightly it will be sealed.

Thanks guys. I’m thinking it is the injector. The one I swapped in was one I rebuilt last summer and had been sitting in the spare parts bin since then. It may have corroded over that time. I’m ordering two new ones and two rebuild kits now.

Don’t rebuild. Not worth it. Orifice wears out. Oring sticks. Get Bob’s injectors without springs.

Thanks William. I didn’t even know Bob sold them without springs. I’m screwed! I won’t be washing anything until I get these new injectors and they won’t ship until Monday. The worst part is I THOUGHT i was covered for a backup on this part. I really had to fight to complete these jobs today and just got home an hour ago from a lonnnng day.
Live and learn…

Is there no local vendor near you ? I’ll mail you sone tomorrow if you need them. I’ve got an unopened box of 4 dozen 2.1’s. Send me an address

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The guys have got some from northern tool when out of state before and run out. That might be an option depending on where u are


Guys, he said his spring shot down the line. At this point he has no check valve. @anon1966941 text me an address if you need some mailed tomorrow.

I just messged you William. I owe you big time.

Thanks everyone for helping a feller out. It’s been a tough day!

On the contrary, he stated that he replaced that injector after it failed…so, unless that also happened with the replacement injector…yes, he most certainly did have a check valve and it was malfunctioning.

As you like. Not going to argue semantics when rhe guy can’t wash. Getting a cup of coffee then heading to the shop then to ups store Brent.