Help I'm a bit clueless and frustrated but I haven't taken a sledgehammer to it yet

Hello People

Due to some medical issues this is the first year in a while that I can make it to the yard and driveway to mess around. Every weekend I enjoy washing the car as it gives me something to do. Ok here is the pickle I am in.

I have a Simoniz 1800 electric pressure washer. Works good enough for me. I purchased a foam cannon from Amazon and I can not get it to connect. I have no idea of the part I need but it resembled this. Screenshot_20190804-210030. I need this part to go on the gun so I can quick connect I guess the foam cannon. Simoniz has the adapter in a lot for their foam cannon but I can not find it in their parts list.

What are some suggestions to make this work?Could I purchase a cheap gun and hope the hose fits and that it has the ability to accept the foam cannon?
Would it need a nipple to screw into a new gun and foam cannon with the quick connector, again hoping the gun can attach to the hose.

As you probably guessed I have zero idea about any of this. Any suggestions or bush fixes would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks people!

You’re probably not going to get the answer you’re looking for here. This forum is for contractors and professionals and most have no experience using a machine like yours. On top of that we don’t know what kind of gun you’re using or what the attachment looks like. Honestly your best bet is to take it into the plumbing section of your hardware store and pick out the adapters you need that will make your two pieces fit together.


Sledge Hammer and get someone to detail the car.


Ok we are going to need pictures if you want help. Of your gun and the foam cannon

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And connections on both sides. :+1:

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I laughed when I read your clarification. All I could picture was a headshot pic coming through without that line.



I always feel a little dirty researching these toy parts but ummm here you go

Mingle Pressure Washer Gun Adapter, to 1/4’’ Quick Connect Fitting, Fit Most Brands (Karcher K Series)

If that’s not it you can just buy a gun with the M22 fitting that mates to your hose. They have them with 1/4 quick disconnect sockets.

Magnetion High Pressure Washer Gun Power Spray Gun Metric M22 4000Psi with Coupler Which Converts M22 14Mm Female to M22 15Mm Male for Honda Excell Troybilt, Generac, Simpson, Briggs Stratton

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So what’s the problem

Getting the large foam cannon to connect to this gun was the problem.

Simoniz doesn’t sell the adapter needed to go into the gun that allows metal gun connections.

It is solved now because I said screw it and bought the metal gun combo kit. Gun, quick connect rod and 4 adapters.

Anyways thanks for those who helped. A mod can delete this post of needed!

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