Help generating a quote

Hey folks, I’m a newbie to the forums. Thanks for all the feedback positive and negative. It all helps us grow.

My question is in regards to getting a quote together for the neighborhood HOA I live in. I was tasked to clean the pool area. Surface measures are as follows:
-Sidewalk 5.5ft X 52 ft
-Mailbox area 8ft X 24 ft

  • Pool Deck (with pool subtracted) 2100 sq ft
    -Tables & chairs total of 33 pieces
    Beyond these surfaces I did the vertical siding and Two small fence sections approx 20 ft of fence total.

As I said I live in the community so no travel costs and no chemicals just water and pressure. The HOA president (my buddy) said charge it like it were any other customer.

This is still a part time job for me, hopefully the last with my 2.3 gpm electric unit and 12 in SC, but I don’t want to over charge and have issues and certainly do not want to undercharge. Looking for this job to finally meet my upgrade budget.

As far as time; this job took about 4 hrs on Saturday last week and two hours each evening M, Tue, Wed, Thurs of this week. Job is complete.

thank you ahead of time. happy weekend

I wouldn’t over complicate it yet.

Part time washer with a residential machine looking for the upgrade money. Not knocking you but you don’t have the expenses of an insured company with equipment, marketing… yet.

No chems, no travel.

12 hours of work. $40/hr with your current setup. $480 is small enough to pass any HOA scrutiny.

Explain you’re giving a great price and you’d love a shoutout in the monthly HOA magazine/email and that you’d like to hang a small sponsorship banner on the pool fence.

They won’t find a reputable company to do it for less so no worries on overcharging.

And once you upgrade and use chems, you’ll turn that 12 hours into 2.